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Today was our first day back at uni after Christmas. This semester we have to produce a personal project (I’m planning a 15 minute film), showreel, website and 3D animation. It turns out that we're...

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You can find the most fabulous selection of wool in John Lewis. Unfortunately, you do have to shop among the crazy posh craftsters, who like to knit fuzzy scarves and make doilies. It seems like ev...


An overlocker from Mum. Vivienne Westwood Treasure Island purse from Tom. Tickets to see Regina Spektor. RAM for my MAC. Dame Darcy Doll and videos. A few bottles of perfume. Stickywicket Craft kit...


Home For Christmas
I’m back in Burntisland for Christmas. Today we went through to Edinburgh for some last minute Christmas shopping. I had to get a new Young Person's Railcard. When I got home, I baked some cupcak...


We told my parents the next day and my Mum said “cool” and my Dad told us a funny story about Spartacus. Before we left, Tom and I exchanged Christmas presents. He got me a Dame Darcy doll, which ...


A documentary that investigates the ways in which teenagers are living more adult lifestsyles and questions whether the media are responsible.


I don't know how I managed to do it, but all my work is finished. Here is my 3D animation of the I Love You Doll. It's a little rough, but it meets the brief.



Today we took the train through to Nice which is a really beautiful town.


Here are a few new characters. Rich girl, who is a little brat that you are suppose to hate and the I Love You Doll that Sailor Girl managed to ship back from Japan.


Finally finished my anti-smoking infomercial "Don't miss a thing". It's for a 30 second film competition for Channel 4. The titles are a little hard to read on the net but they say "You wouldn't le...


I've been home for the last part of the week looking after my cat Ben. I got a call from my parents on Monday telling me that he was ill. It sounded pretty bad so I decided to go home on Wednesday ...


Good news – I have a shiny new iBook. Bad news – my cat, Ben, is sick and it’s not looking hopeful. I’m so depressed so I’m going home tomorrow. x


Gingerbread Coffin
I love having oats for breakfast, especially when it's cold outside but I don't always have time to make porridge so I'm come up with a winter berry, yogurt and oat bowl which does the trick.


I’m so tired but I’m having a cupcake tasting party.. how distinguished. Here are some photos: It's been a really strange week. Elise's kitchen door got stuck so she needed us to go up and fix it...



Our order from BUST Magazine arrived this morning. It was early which was a pleasant surprise. My Enid Coleslaw doll is the coolest. She has a cat woman mask, a laser gun and a cavewoman club. Her...


My Vivienne Westwood book arrived this morning. It's filled with so many lovely clothes and I want them all. I went to the fabric store and bought some tweed in an attempt to make myself some cout...


The Insomnia Club
I've started an insomniac club with my friends who also have weird sleeping patterns. Miquette Breitenbach invited us to go kite flying with her on The Law at 4am tonight but she had fallen asleep ...


We saw the oldest tree in the worldand went to Aberfeldy where the waitresses are a little crazy. In the first cafe there was a woman who was accusing us of lieing about ordering something because ...


I don't know what's wrong with me. I just got over the cold I had last week and now I'm sick again. I keep going all shaky and freezing cold. I think it's a fever. I've just been eating lots of sou...


Back to uni now. I’m finding it really easy to fit back in to the flow of things. Basically because I’m on such a creative high. I make about 6 things a week and I’m constantly writing, painting an...


Ad's Birthday
Tonight was Adam Milroy's birthday party, so we headed upstairs for a few drinks. I met some lovely people, including a guy who is a post-graduate on my course and has an office in the uni. Elise ...



I just finished watching the last episode of series 2. Carnivale is such an amazing series. It took me about two months to get through both series because I was trying to make it last as long as po...


Dundee may not be the best place for shopping but it's a lot better than Edinburgh for 24 hour places. Right next to the flat there is a garage which is perfect for any late night munchies. There i...


I bought some records today including White Wedding by Billy Idol, Madonna, Republica, Aha and Depeche Mode for Tom. I'm still learning to mix but I'm getting better and better every time. I just n...