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Drawing In Stitches
I've been hard at work sewing the collection I'm going to have on sale at the DCA. It's got a heart-beat theme to it with love-heart phone cosies, phone charms and heart beat pouches. Finally, for...


Baby Seagulls
There's a seagull on our roof that has had a nest there for the last few months. Her babies hatched a couple of weeks ago and now they have started to walk around. They are so cute and fluffy.


Here's one for all you designers and arty people. I've been asked by Virgin Mobile, to tell you about their competition to design a phone charm for the REGeneration campaign, for homeless and abuse...



I went to see Tool in Glasgow tonight with Calum, Graham and Neil. They were so awesome!


I Love Camden
This morning we headed to Camden Market, I love it there so much. There was this amazing little stall called Blah Blah Hospital with a girl sewing cutesie wristbands and clothes. Tom and I both bo...


Dark Girl
I invested in my first piece of art, which is a watercolour by Naomi Nowak Illustration called Dark Girl. I love her style so much.



King Tut's
Tom, Mum, Grant and I went to see James Dean Bradfield from the Manics play a solo gig at King Tut's tonight. He was really good and played This Is Yesterday and Ocean Spray. The Manics are going ...


Skip In The City
I had a look around the botanical gardens while I was waiting for him. Tom had a job interview in Edinburgh this morning, so we headed through nice and early. There was a sculpture skip outside E...


Street Theatre
A painting inspired by a Vivienne Westwood dress.



Brechin Railway...
Today we went on an adventure with my parents to the Caledonian Railway in Brechen. It's a really cool abandoned railway yard with lots of trains and you're free to explore and walk along the trac...


Happy Easter everyone. On another note, I’m learning Russian. I might be able to have a conversation in Russian with my Russian Grandad now. x



I am terribly rushed off my feet at the moment. Other than a few projects here and there, I hardly have any time for crafting. My coursework deadline is in less than two weeks and I have so much le...


Broughty Ferry...
I've had a pretty quiet weekend and it's been snowing, which was lovely. Tom's parents came up yesterday and, in the evening, we went to the pub with Elise and Ads.



Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you are all having a lovely time. Tom and I had a lovely dinner and he got me the prettiest ring. Unfortunately, he is ill in bed with the flu now, so I'll just have t...


My second ReadyMade entry is up. You can see it here. It's all about making things for Valentine's Day and random gift ideas. Lots of things are happening to my blog at the moment, so expect to se...


Busting Up
I love getting parcels from my Grandma in Canada. In her latest package, she sent the new Bust Magazine and some huge crochet hooks. If you have never read Bust before, I highly recommend it. It's ...


Regina Spektor...
We went to see Regina Spektor at Cabaret Voltaire tonight and she was amazing. Tom got me tickets for my birthday last year, so we’d been looking forward to this gig for a while.



Craft 'N Bitch
Today I hosted my first ever Craft 'N Bitch in Dundee. I was worried that noone would show up but we got to meet the lovely Hannah, who is a knitter who lives in Dundee. We ended up taking our kni...


Here is the first part to Sailor Girl and The Wrestling Squid Competition. The second part will be up later this week. Enjoy x First of all, Happy Chinese New Year. I'll be making a festive little...


Doll Parts
I've come up with a character for Advanced Visualisation called the I Love You Doll. I'm taking lots of inspiration from the dolls I've made and own.


Visualisation Sketchbook
We started a new subject called Advanced Visualisation today where we will design a 3D animation. I had wanted to avoid doing 3D again but the only other option was audio and I thought this would b...


I’ve been so busy recently. I’m back at uni now and as usual I’m hardly ever in, which in a way is terrible and in another it’s good, because I will have time to do worth while productive things su...


Today was our first day back at uni after Christmas. This semester we have to produce a personal project (I’m planning a 15 minute film), showreel, website and 3D animation. It turns out that we're...