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Look At My Room
I'm going to take you on a photo tour of our flat in Dundee today. We'll start in the kitchen, where Tom has hung his collection of street signs on the wall. We've covered the space with fairy li...


We've been doing a lot of tidying and de-cluttering in the flat this week. We've designated an "eBay box" for things we don't want anymore. Mousey popped out of the living room cupboard the other n...


Cut Out + Keep
So, the new look / new layout Cut Out + Keep is up and I'd love to hear what you think about it. The wonderful Tom waved his magical CSS wand over the site and now it's so much better. By separatin...


So this week, I have been listening to and watching Adam + Joe. They are so funny and I would highly recommend listening to their podcast, you can find it here on iTunes. I've sent Adam a tacky pos...

Blog Posts



On Wednesday I interviewed Brian Molko from Placebo, he was very lovely and it should make for quite an interesting read. There is the best sound clip ever of him saying "thanks for telling me when...



Pillar Of Salt
We went to see The Thermals at Nice ‘N Sleazy’s in Glasgow tonight. Iain drove us there and back, while we made up some amazingly catchy songs in the back of the car. The support band were called A...


I’ve been listening to a lot of Graham Coxon recently. I saw him in Camden at the weekend, buying cheap take-out like the rest of us, clever guy. I always pictured the line “I saw you on the corner...


There’s an article about me and Cut Out + Keep, along with my tutorial for a Cupcake Pin Cushion in the latest issue of Pearl Necklace Zine.


After checking out of our hotel this morning, we headed down to La Defence to leave our suitcases at Alistair’s apartment. We spotted a film crew shooting a car commercial in between the buildings.


The AntiCraft
I interviewed gothic craft collective The AntiCraft for Venus Zine.



Class Of '06
Tonight was Halloween, so we all dressed up as the school kids from Battle Royale and headed to the fancy dress party at Abertay Union.


Counting To Ten
We went for dinner at Wetherspoon's with Iain and Hannah tonight.


Iain, Tom and I headed through to Glasgow this evening to see Peaches at the ABC. She was awesome and played all the hits.


Sugar Skulls
I made some Sugar Skulls tonight using the mould I ordered from Mexican Sugar Skulls. I love them so much but I doubt that I'll eat them as they're far too sugary. I'm just going to give them all a...



We finally caught mousey this morning. She's sooooo tiny and really cute. We'd seen her wandering around a couple of times so we set out some traps. We're keeping her in a plastic box and feeding h...



I thought that it would be a good idea to have a bit of a practice with my new camera, before I shoot this documentary thing that I'm doing for teens in foster care, but I accidently ended up makin...


The Dunderground
My parents brought me back to Dundee today and we went to the DCA where they had an exhibit about a fictional Dundee underground system which would be awesome.


As Used On The Famous Nelson Mandela
Tom and I went through to Edinburgh today for a belated birthday meal at Vittoria. I had a seafood pasta that had baby squids in and then we had ice cream and hot chocolates for dessert. It was rea...


This morning I was given so many lovely presents, including books, craft supplies, craft books, perfume, a badge maker and the most amazing camcorder. The camera is 3CCD, broadcast quality, can re...


Birthday Drinks
Tonight we went out for birthday drinks at The Counting House. Everyone came and it was lots of fun. Instead of ordering drinks from the bar, we were ordering pitchers each and drank them with str...


The Notorious Bettie Page
I headed through to Edinburgh today to go shopping with my Mum. We saw Tommy Sheridan coming out of court. We visited Joey D who thinks Tom will end up with most of his collection before too long....