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Manics in Newcastle
Today we all drove down to Newcastle to see the Manic Street Preachers play in the strangest venue. It was all seated except for one row at the front. The crowd were quiet, and so were the band. It...



Hand In Day
Today was hand in day, which didn't go as smoothly as I wanted. I had all my work finished but then it came to putting my film on VHS, with only an hour to go, everything went wrong. Tom had to run...


Viridis Somnio
More concept art of Viridis Somnio, the absinthe fairy, as part of my Character Animation class.


Under The Influence
I finished a concept painting of my absinthe fairy, Viridis Somnio for Character Animation class tonight.


eBay Addiction
As part of our coursework, we were asked to make a 60 second short film. I'd been really looking forward to this but when I picked up the camera that I'd booked out from the Uni, I realised how ter...



Absinthe Fairies
We woke up to a huge fright this morning when one of our lava lamps filled with glitter exploded. We'd forgotten to turn it off the night before and the bulb must have overheated. There was hot liq...


The Reptile Room
Headed out shopping on town today and got Lemony Snicket's 2nd book in A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Reptile Room.


Wayne The Pain
Elise and Ads invited upstairs tonight and then Ads stoop up announcing the he had the news of the year, which we all doubted, but he did... our annoying neighbours, Nicky and Wayne ("the Pain") ha...


Lolita Lempika
I spent today with my parents again. They really enjoy coming up and I really like seeing them. Also, the La Fée Absinthe spoon and t-shirt that I ordered arrived today and I won a bottle of Lolit...


Absinthe Fairy
I finalised the design for my absinthe fairy in Character Animation today. Now to turn her in to Flash...



Knife Tricks
I wasn't feeling too inspired in Character Animation this week so I decided to turn one of my sketchbook drawings in to a digital painting. This painting was inspired by the Hemingway quote "Got t...


Mr Coat Hanger
This week my character development for Advanced 3D has taken a complete u-turn from the siamese twins to a man know as The Unfortunate Mr Coat Hanger. My inspiration comes from Salvador Dali mixed...


Party Like It's 1889
I've decided that I'm going to use an absinthe fairy as the character for my animation. I'm not entirely sure what style of fairy I want yet, so I've been playing around with various sketches. I'l...


Characters Of Coney Island
I've been doing more Coney Island character development over the past week for Advanced 3D. I've been channelling Dame Darcy when thinking up characters and so far my favourites are the conjoined ...


Miss Em
Inspiration struck in Character Animation today when I settled on Absinthe as the theme for my work. I know that I'm going to have a lot of fun doing the research for this class.


Advanced 3D
3D is my least favourite subject in Computer Art but I'm trying to make the most of it this year by theming it on a subject I love - Coney Island. I started my research today and filled my sketchb...


Character Animation
We were back to uni today and we have a new subject called Character Animation. We'll be producing a flash animation at the end of term. A new subject meant it was time for a new sketchbook. I'm n...

Blog Posts



Fire Festival
I was inspired by Beltane and the fire festival when I was doing this painting.



Grant phoned me today and asked if I wanted to come and see Babyshambles wit him at the Reading Rooms. We headed along to the gig for half seven, and met up with Grant's friend Amanda. We then had ...


PJ Harvey
I headed through to Glasgow today met up with Ysolda. She took me to a really nice pub where her friend Emerald works. We then went to see PJ Harvey at the Carling Academy. She was so good and loo...



The Nicest Neighbours In The World
Tonight there was a knock at the door but noone was there. We looked down to find a plate of rice crispy cakes left by Elise Hadrysiak & Adam Milroy!


I Love London
We had breakfast at Nick's house and then went for a walk around Camden Market. It was amazing and I wanted to buy everything. We then caught a bus in to Covent Garden and went to Forbidden Planet...


Iain and I drove down to London today to pick up Nick and bring him back to Dundee. The drive took about seven hours and we passed a really surreal crash on the road. A car was completely torn in t...



Go Ask Alice
This morning we woke up to a terrible £90 bill from Telewest. Even though we'd had the broadband installed, the computer had still be using dial-up. I called up and tried to explain we hadn't notic...


Happy Easter everyone. I’ve started knitting myself a scarf. Sometimes I think it would be easier if I was trying to quit smoking or something similar, as that would motivate me to keep my hands bu...