Shirley Manson • Cat Morley

This week I'm going to DIY the look of Shirley Manson from Garbage. Thick black eyeliner at the ready...

Not only is Shirley from Edinburgh but she's the awesome front woman for the band Garbage. Her style is always changing, so there are a lot of looks to choose from, but I don't think you can beat her leopard-print rocker look.

  1. Get the bad girl look with a padlock necklace by viczye23.
  2. If you want to dye your hair, check out Crissy's tips for bleaching safely.
  3. Add a touch of colour with M$ UndeadR@!nb0w's under eye rainbow.
  4. Make your own stud earrings like Lilly V.
  5. Go rock chic with Yasmine B's lace studded corset.
  6. Turn a DVD case in to a leopard clutch with Miki.
  7. DIY a pair of Jenna C's chained Isabel boots.
  8. Pair with some Punisher leggings, also by with Jenna C.
  9. Accessorize with Operation Overhaul's leather bracelet.
  10. Paint some turquoise striped nails like Birgit.

Which of Shirley's looks do you love best?