The Black Swan • Cat Morley

This week I'm going to DIY the look of Natalie Portman in The Black Swan.

I wanted to bring you another costume idea with Halloween just a week and bit away. Natalie Portman's character in The Black Swan would make for an excellent gothic ballerina. So practise your pirouettes and let's get crafting:

  1. Create a fireworks tiara with Beads Unlimited.
  2. Put your hair up with Kiko's French twist.
  3. Stud a lace corset top like Yasmine.
  4. Recreate Delluattack's Black Swan style make-up.
  5. Make a black no sew tutu with Mickie.
  6. Craft a pair of old lace top gloves like sg_strange.
  7. Dye some ballerina style cloud tights with mademoiselle.
  8. Pair with Jenna's silk rosette shoesies.
  9. Accessorize with a black feather clutch like Vivian.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?