Amy Lee • Cat Morley

This week I DIY the look of Evanescence singer Amy Lee!

Amy Lee has a classic gothic look with a girly twist which was a nice and easy look to recreate with DIY projects. So, let's get crafty:

  1. Recreate Melody's yellow & pink makeup.
  2. Lace up a corset shirt by Alexis.
  3. Accessorize with Lilly's spike headband.
  4. Add a touch of cuteness with Luiza's bow earrings.
  5. Wear your heart around your neck with Sallamari's necklace.
  6. Make a chained ring with Operation Overhaul.
  7. Turn a belt in to a leather bangle with Lilly.
  8. Sew your own version of Natalia's gothic skirt
  9. Give your nails a black and purple manicure like blurrymind.
  10. Embellish a pair of customized boots like Isaura.

Do you love Amy's style? Make sure to keep an eye out for the next issue of Snippets, where I get to interview her!