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New Year's Eve
Today Tom’s parents took us on a lovely ride through the countryside. There was so much wildlife, including horses, a hare, falcons and a crow which leaped on to a sheep’s back. We passed a really...
Scottish Fiction
One year later and we were back for a Dundee adventure day today. We walked down in to town from Duncan Stephen's flat behind the Law and I took photos of everything I recognised.
School Trips Revisited
I had the urge to revisit the places I’d been to on school trips around Fife, so today we went to the Scottish Deer Centre near Cupar. It was really misty but that made the place even cooler.
Keep Calm And Have A Cupcake
We got up early this morning and my Dad dropped us off at the train station. We headed through to Edinburgh and met up with Jennifer Ann Smith for our annual adventure day. She lives in Japan so w...
20 Years Of Snow
I found my Snoopy egg cup, so Mum made me a dippy egg and soldiers for breakfast this morning. I spent the day de-cluttering my room and I found was so many bits and pieces with memories attached ...
Boxing Day
I left Tom in bed this morning to go sale shopping with my Mum. I did well and got a new coat, skirt and dress from MONSOON. We rewarded ourselves with cream tea in Debenhams after.
Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you've all had a great day. I couldn’t resist a little Christmas morning crafting so I sewed Tom a t-shirt out of my Chicks on Speed paper dress.
The Seaside Town They Forgot To Bomb Down
We were back in Burntisland today, so I decided we would have a day as tourists and see all of the two sites the town has to offer. We started with a walk down the beach. It looked pretty in the s...
We Are Nowhere And It's Now
After a 5am start we headed to King’s Cross for a McDonald’s breakfast and then to catch our train home. Luckily it was nice and quiet, so we got a table and could work, while watching the country...
A Very Tatty Christmas
We’ve finally finished all of our Christmas crafting, so we rewarded ourselves with breakfast at Plan 9. We started recording a Christmas song, which was lots of fun but will have to wait until ne...
Cosy Cat Hood
Tonight I finished sewing my cat hood. It has faux fur lining on the inside of the hood and inside the pockets, so they're like cosy mittens.
Dress Up
Official Audrey Kitching listed Cut Out + Keep as one of her favourite websites in the new issue of NYLON magazine. I told you she was awesome!
Christmas Crafting
This one’s strapless, which was tough to construct, but with some wire trickery I made it work. The fabric is from the cockneys on Berwick Street and it cost me about £20 in total to make. Being s...
Fox In The Snow
We were woken up by Louise Blackwood calling and telling us to look outside this morning. When we opened the door, we were super excited to see thick snow covering the Mews.
The Cloth House
It was snowing when we headed out to do our last spot of Christmas shopping today and the friendly squirrel was out in the park. I spotted some train ticket cushions in the London Transport Museum...
Vampirella Eyes
Amy Doan at Sugarpill Cosmetics sent me some make-up samples to play with, so I put together a little tutorial for her. I recreated Vampirella Eyes using purple, white and black.
The Tourist
This morning we went on a movie breakfast date to see The Tourist which was alright but I love Angelina’s make-up in the movie, I’ll have to try and recreate it.
Union Jack Hearts
I made a couple of felt Union Jack Heart ornaments – one for our tree and one for Tom’s Granny. They have spices in and smell like Christmas.
Monday At The Bollo
Tonight we went for dinner at The Bollo to celebrate Dave and Mel giving notice to be married. The Bollo is in the Michelin guide and serves half price main courses on Mondays. I went for fish and ...
Job Interview With A Vampire
Sarah Steel invited us to the screening of her new film Job Interview With A Vampire at The Troxy in Borough today. Her film was so so so good and she signed a copy of the DVD at the end for us.
Hoot Hoot
I stitched a set of Owl Brooches today, which I'll be giving away as Christmas presents. Tonight there was a Tatty Devine sample sale which was the perfect time to buy some Christmas presents.
Tex Mex Night
Plan 9 have started a Tex Mex Night on Thursdays, where they’re open until 10 and you can bring your own bottle. We went along this week to check it out. For starters we shared a bowl of tasty nac...
Museum Of Brands
We had lunch at Pret A Manger today. I love the knife and fork snowflakes they have in the window and their Christmas noms are good too, especially the crumble crumble bar! We then went to a talk ...
Penny For Your Thoughts
We’ve been super busy at work on Cut Out + Keep recently and launched a brand new header this week! It looks so much nicer and we’re going to be refreshing the whole site soon.
Winter Came To Omaha
We spent today decorating our tree and making presents to go underneath. It smells so lovely. I made my Grandma a decoupage frame with a squished penny on and fake polaroids inside. Tonight we la...
Forward Planning
It’s been far too cold to go out this week but we did venture out for a little while today to pick up some magazines we’re in. We only latest a few minutes before having to go for a coffee to warm ...


Glam Publisher Party
This evening was the publisher party. Glam are an advertising agency we’ve just joined and have so far earned us £2.14. The party was at St Barnabus House, an ex-homlesss shelter which h...
In Good Company
Company Magazine asked us to send over lots and lots of photos of us for the interview they’re doing with us. We didn’t have any, so Louise Blackwood kindly volunteered to come over and take some w...
Fast & Loose
Lynsey had tickets for Fast & Loose at the BBC. So we all headed along with Louise, Tony, Claire and the kitten mittens. It was Louise’s first time at Television Centre so she was excited by t...
Singing Lesson With Princess Superstar
Meantime Brewery were giving out free beer in Soho today. They also had a photobooth in the back of a taxi cab. It tasted quite nice and the bottles were really pretty. We called in to LEAP ANYWHE...


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