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New Year's Eve
We spent New Year's Eve at Louise's house with a bunch of our friends. Louise's Dad had a band play and we drank, danced and watched James Dean Bradfield on Jools Holland.
where is the sanity in me? well i’m still rather drunk so updating my journal is probably not the best idea. but i can’t think when i’ll get the time to and i’ll probably forget a lot of what i wis...
so it’s christmas eve.. well christmas practically. i had the most lovely night. i went round to malcolm’s where the atmosphere was wonderful, there was a sparkly christmas tree, christmas music, c...
thinking i need cheering up.. i guess it’s the winter that’s making me feel depressed. i saw malcolm tonight which was lovely he came over with my present which i opened early out of pure excitemen...
making wax dolls.. owe. my fingers are all burnt and there are little pieces of wax everywhere. but at least she will be worth it when she’s finally done. i’ve even though of a little story to go w...
hmm. christmas. shouldn’t i be getting excited yet? maybe i’ve grown up or maybe things are just different this year. my grandparents are over so everyone is stressed about keeping things together....


i guess i had a long night, tom stayed till 2. i went christmas shopping in the day and it was after going into the disney store that i decided i hated christmas. anyway i forced myself to get thr...
Chocolate Factory
Tom and I started a chocolate factory in my kitchen today, making chocolates of all varieties to give away as Christmas presents. We used ice cube trays for the moulds, filled them with chocolates,...


met this guy on the train this morning. he’s doing computer games and it turns out that he knows a bunch of my friends. just bought myself a chocolate maker. yummy. it’s good because it means that ...
tom made me the loveliest advent calender. it’s little chocolates wrapped in foil with a number on and tied by silver string to a wire spiral – quite like those things that baby’s have over their c...
ohhh everyone say hi to my boyfriend tom who has just joined live journal live journal – not sure how to do the lil linky thing but his addy is tomdathumb, so add him and he’ll be nice xx. i got u...
The Torn Skirt
We got critiqued at Uni today which wasn't fun. i’m in uni now. i have a crit in 20 minutes which i’m not looking forward to, then i’m off to speak to the accommodation people about cancelling my...


Bus Pass
I got my Uni Rider buss pass today. Now nothing can stop me... Dundee is my oyster!
Tom and I went to see some really good short films at the DCA tonight. I hope I’ll be making movies like that one day.
We went through to Edinburgh today to do some shopping. I got a Living Dead Dolls, velvet jacket, zippy jumper and a powder compact.
MTV In The Gardens
I’ve been at home in Fife over the past few days, as there's very little to do in Dundee and practically no classes to attend. This evening, Tom had tickets to see MTV In The Gardens in Edinburgh....
the matrix revolutions? disappointing. i went to see it today at 2 with 8 of my friends. i found it quite boring and really disappointing compared to the others but i wont go into that incase i ru...
We came back through to Dundee tonight and headed to the Beat Bar to see Chug play. There were eight different bands, so the gig lasted for ages but none where as good as Chug, who covered Friday I...
Jill's Party
Tonight was Jill’s 18th birthday party which was lots of fun. We drank Baileys and kept threatening the DJ with paper airplanes for playing too much disco. Instead he played Placebo and the White S...


woo. i have finished all my work good news is that i got into uni on time and now have completed all of my artwork. i also have a new halloween costume. Gave Iain a ride back through to Dalgety Ba...
my paint smells like absinthe.. i wish it was maybe then i would work better and faster. i’m freaking out as i am completely dependant on how everything will work together when i put it into photo ...


This morning my parents helped me move up to Dundee for University. I'm staying at Hillside Halls which is a lot further out of the city than the uni had led us to believe, so we headed in to the c...


Tom and I went to see Placebo at the Corn Exchange tonight. We were on the guest list, so they gave us dodgy Hogmanay tickets to use on the door. Tom wore his new dress, which we made for his birth...
Malcolm took us through to the cinema today to see Pirates Of The Caribbean. It was an okay film but I loved the quote You like pain? Try wearing a corset!"
We woke up quite late today headed through to Edinburgh. We headed to the Liquid Rooms, where we met Dan and James from Daniel Records who were really nice. We did a little flyering for August 81...


I want to shoot Derren Brown. Well actually no, I want to kiss him all over. But I signed up to volunteer to be the person who’ll pull the trigger on him in a game of Russian Roulette. Oh he is soo...
Today I went to the museum of childhood with Malcolm and Lynsey. It was such a cute place with a wide range of Miffy.
Woke up at Amy's house this morning feeling a little hungover but we decided to walk it off and head through to Edinburgh. Tom bought a new pair of shoes and I stocked up on comics from Forbidden ...




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