Dream Craft Space • Cat Morley

Whether your craft space is a room, desk in a cupboard or the kitchen table. Here are my top five picks for keeping your supplies organised, tidy and looking beautiful...

1. Rows of fabric

Keeping an ever-growing fabric stash tidy can be a bit of a nightmare. I recommend cutting large rectangles of cardboard to wrap each of your pieces around. You can then stack them neatly and label them with the type of fabric, colour and amount you have. Take swatches and keep track of them with a fabric brocuher (here's a link to my one you can print out).

2. Labelled jars

Jars are great for keeping all of your bits and pieces together. Collect them from the kitchen and use different sizes, depending upon what you want to keep inside them. Make sure to label the clearly, so you can find what you need from afar. If you're lacking storage space, glue the lids underneath a shelf for fast access and to clear up room on your desk.

3. Racks of threads

Racks of threads create a pretty rainbow in your craft space, while giving you access to the exact colour you need at a glance. You can mount them on the wall or sit them on your desk. Here a great tutorial for making your own on CO+K.

4. Pots of pencils & pens

Collect tins from your kitchen as you cook, clean them out and decorate them with scrapbook paper. You can use tall ones for pens and pencils and short ones for chalks and crayons. You can even drill holes in to the backs to hang them on pegboard walls.

5. Reels of ribbon, wire and string

Long tangly supplies like ribbons, string and wire stay so much tidier when they're wound up on spools. Make your own from white card and use a stick and two hooks to mount them on the wall. That way, you can unwind the amount you need and cut it straight from the wall without having to take it down.

Which essentials would you have in your dream craft room?

(Images from Pinterest.)