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When should you use kisses? Use a good subject - it may end up sticking
A Decade Of Tom & Cat
It was our 10 year anniversary today, so Tom and I headed out on an adventure to Glasgow. We started off with a little bit of sale shopping, I tried on a couple of Vivienne Westwood dresses and bo...
Louise came through to visit today, as she's back home from Australia over the holidays and we went for mulled cider from a new cafe bar on Candlemaker Row. Lynsey joined us and we headed to Greyf...
Use protocols to help you work with someone and deligate work
Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you had a great day. My parents stayed over last night, so we woke up, opened our stockings and met under the Christmas tree for some serious gift unwrapping.
It's so horrible realising that someone's birthday is just around the corner when you don't have the slightest idea what to get them. It's even worse handing over a gift that you know you've not pu...
Brewdolph The Red-Nosed Reinbeer
A box arrived from ModCloth this morning, just in time for Christmas and I can't wait to see what kind of prettiness is inside. Tom's Christmas beer is finally ready, so we named it Brewdolph The ...
The End Of Time
We've spent the past couple of days working super hard so that we could launch Snippets 28, The End Of Time issue just in time for the end of the world today. It includes my interview with Amy Lee ...
December List
While I was all all sniffled up with an awful cold last week, I attempt to make myself feel better with your suggestions and by writing a list of all the fun things I wanted to do in December when...
Tom and I decided to face the shops and do a little more Christmas shopping today. It wasn't too bad though and it was so nice to see all the Christmas trees and fairy lights. We rewarded ourselv...
Brownie Badges
We're working on an exciting new project to bring badges to CO+K, so we had Jim come through and help us design them today. I can't wait to stitch all the ones I've earned on to my crafty tool belt.
That's Physics!
Today was the last ever pub quiz at the Merlin so Tom designed us some High School Powerpoint Time badges to remember it by. I'm sure we'll find a new quiz to win in the new year though.
Mirrorbook Air
Another Secret Santa present arrived this morning from I've loved their jewellery ever since spotting their gorgeous tree necklace on Shane in the L Word. I've been so busy craftin...
CO+K Christmas Party
We never get to go along to office Christmas parties anymore as we work for ourselves, so we decided to host our own and invite along all of our friends. I've always dreamed of having a macaroon t...
Google Want To Interview Cut Out + Keep
We woke up to a super exciting email from Google this morning with the subject "Google want to interview Cut Out + Keep". We have a call with them on Tuesday to find out more but I'm so excited!
Bauble Wreath
It started to feel a lot like Christmas today when I covered the office in baubles to make my Nana a wreath. I love how it turned out. I think I might need to make a second one for us.
sss 1. Set the time & date It may sound really obvious but setting your camera's date and time is one of the most important and easiest things you can do. Manually resetting the timestamp on ...
A gigantic box arrived in the mail this morning as part of our Secret Santa contest. It was a beautifully wrapped gigantic present from Fiskars. Mum and Dad came through after work tonight and I ...
Photostrip Cushion
I was feeling a lot better today, so I woke up early and resumed my Christmas crafting, starting with paper chains for the tree.
Feeling Better
I started to feel a little better this evening, so we decided to leave the house and go for a late lunch at Piecebox. The cafe was covered in fairy lights and it felt so Christmassy as we ate our ...
Gala Darling
Rock your Christmas party with a hot pink pair of beaded mouse ears! This week I failed to craft to the stars with this pair of beaded mouse ears for blogger, Gala Darling - but don't worry, I've ...
Winter Warmers
Today's Secret Santa present arrives from Sock Dreams, who I've been a big fan of since spotting their adverts in Bust magazine years ago. When I got in touch with them, it turned out they'd knew o...
Deck The Halls
Our second Secret Santa gift arrived from Poketo and it's wrapped so stylishly. Make sure to enter, if you want to win your own.
Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!
Mum and Dad took us to buy our Christmas Tree today in the woods of Kelty. We picked a nice big pine tree. Meanwhile, a small child was being put through the netting machine, which was so funny.
Foodies Festival Christmas
It's the 1st of December and Tom and I were excited to open the first windows on our advent calendars. We're such kids! Anova Books sent me a surprise parcel which turned out to be Agent Provocate...


Push-Button Light
I've been giving my cupboards a makeover and today's addition was a DIY push-button light. It was so simple to make and it feels like I'm looking in my own private boutique every time I open the do...
29 Colourful Rug
**Links** _of the_ **Week**
Here are some of the great links on the web I've seen this week: Sneezy, a squirrel who lives on the Penn State campus gets dressed up in mini hates. Cat Bounce makes me so happy! Awww, a baby se...
Miss Cake
We got an exciting package in the mail from Miss Cake Art & Illustration this morning. I've always loved cut acrylic and this sign is going to look so good hanging in our office.
Who's that girl? It's... Cat!
We picked up a pretty frame from Ikea yesterday and decided to turn it in to a pin-board for all of our Polaroids, photo-strips and Instax snaps. I'm glad it worked so well as a pin-board as we ac...


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