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Tra La La
I started making my Christmas cards today which are Stitched Tree Cards. The technique is called stitch and prick and it's so simple to create lovely designs.
Christmas Shopping
I spent today Christmas shopping in Edinburgh with my parents. There's a really nice Christmas tree on Rose Street. We went to the Christmas Market in the gardens and Mum and I shared a bowl of t...
Christmas Meal
It was fun getting to hang around with everyone again because we haven’t seen so much of each other since Uni. After work today, we bumped in to Rob, Malcolm, Kirsty and Jenny who were going for a...
Generation Terrorist
Tonight was our Christmas party at the student union, which was lots of fun and very boozy. Jenny scribbled down my name in Japanese for me.
High Voltage
I've been watching LA Ink and the logo for High Voltage Tattoo inspired me to make a necklace. I cut the bolts out of shrink plastic and twisted together pink and silver chain to make a High Volta...
My how-to for making a DIY Fashion Magazine is featured on BurdaStyle.


Bento Lunch
Today’s bento lunch consisted of a tomato and herb pasta salad, a tortilla with humus and couscous, and a can of Diet Kick energy drink. I managed to take a creepy photo of Tom which looks a lot l...
Gingerbread Tom & Cat
Miquette Breitenbach sent me a little package of craft supplies in the mail, including a selection of LED lights, stickers and other trinkets. I love snail mail.
Fimo Geishas
I made Mini Fimo Geishas. I'm keeping one and giving the other two to my Mum and Nana.


Happy Spookings
Today was Halloween, so we decorated the flat and carved a pumpkin. I used the stitch n prick method, which works really well and made a bat pumpkin (


China Town
This morning we went for Dim Sum in China Town with Paul. We got to eat so many yummy things and Tom was really adventurous trying a bit of everything.
Fort Edmonton
Today we went to Fort Edmonton Park, which is a living history museum about the original fort in the city. We jumped on an old steam train which promised to take us back in time to 1840's.
Birthday At The Zoo
Today was my birthday so we got to go to Edmonton Zoo. I love the red pandas, they're so cute. It was a little too dark to take good photos in the lizzard area but I managed to get one of a snake.
This morning Tom's Dad drove us to Prestwick Airport, near Glasgow to catch our flight to Calgary. Tom was excited as this was the longest flight he'd ever been on and his first time in Canada or A...


Mama Said Shop
There’s a nice little post about Cut Out + Keep on the Mama Said Shop. I've been tidying like crazy this weekend. De-cluttering can be fun when you get in to the swing of it, everything must go an...
I did a phone interview with the fabulous Debbie Stoller today. She's the Editor in Chief of my favourite magazine, Bust and the author of the excellent Stitch 'N Bitch knitting and crochet books. ...
Cut Out + Keep was the featured site on Cuteable today!
The other bad luck that we've had happened last Friday. While visiting the Miffy exhibition in the National Library in Edinburgh, our locker was broken in to and one of my bags and two of Tom's wer...


Adam & Joe
We released Snippets 3, The Comic Book Issue today with Adam & Joe on the cover. It's such a funny interview with them. I can't believe we've released two issues this month.
I've Seen Glasgow
After waking up in Gregory Williams’s super cosy bed, we headed on an adventure around Glasgow. We started at Kelvingrove Museum, which is lovely with so much to see.
The Sideshow
We released the second issue of Snippets today, which is The Sideshow Issue with Dame Darcy on the cover.
Do you ever feel that you get more creative when you have other things that you're suppose to be doing? At the moment, I'm suppose to be writing a dissertation and colouring and editing my film for...


Knitting With The BBC
Producers from BBC Three got in touch with me a few weeks ago about the show Honey I'm Killing The Kids. They'd seen Cut Out + Keep and wanted us to host a Stitch N Bitch for one of the mum's on th...
The Rock Star Issue
Today we launched the first ever issue of my online magazine Snippets. This is The Rock Star Issue and has Placebo on the cover!


Look At My Room
I'm going to take you on a photo tour of our flat in Dundee today. We'll start in the kitchen, where Tom has hung his collection of street signs on the wall. We've covered the space with fairy li...


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